Free Tools & Resources

Please check back in on this page frequently as I will be continually adding information, tools, projects and resources. Below some are some free resources. Some resources to be seen in full require payment or pledging on my Patreon. Please note I do try to make 95% of resources including all my social media platforms FREE. 

Reflection Journal Free Edition
This 2018 edition 11 page document is a version which has the journal purpose information, 1 x journal prompt & 1 x challenge. The full document is available to Chooselifewarrior Patrons on a $5 or higher pledge tier. It was made with the intention to be used any time with dateless prompts but a great way to start the 2018 new year to combat the onslaught of diet culture and bullshit new years resolution weight loss crazes. For the full version please head to Patreon and pledge at a $5 or higher tier.
(Already a Patron click here to visit the post on the Patreon feed to download your FREE full version of the Reflection Journal)

Patreon Scholarship Program
This 2018 edition 8 page document outlines the terms and conditions of the Chooselifewarrior Patreon Scholarship Program. It answers all your burning questions about how to sponsor a scholarship or apply for one. You can directly apply for a Scholarship by going to the application page.

Body Positive 17-18 Calendar
This 26 page document is a creation that was made in 2017 with calendar dates from March 17′ to February 18′. However it is well worth the download for any time in any year. It features 12 amazing strong diverse women with their thoughts around body positivity, causes/charities they love, their socials, their favourite hashtags & a body positive monthly challenge.

Body Positive Resources Flyer
This flyer was given out in gift bags at the first Cairns 2017 Body Positive Event. It features books, podcasts, Instagram accounts to follow & More! It was created with the intention to give people new to the body image or positivity communities some great diverse inspiring people & resources to check out.