The Major Warnings That You Need A Social Media Break

Taking detoxes from technology is so important especially if you feel as if you may or are addicted to the instant short lived gratification or comparing your body to others. Social media can be an incredible tool of support, help, connection and fun but do not let it replace your real life experiences or emotions. Don’t forget some social media accounts might not affect you in the same ways. Such as me with twitter… 140 characters are you kidding me, I can’t edit myself to save my life! I don’t understand twitter and that account doesn’t make me feel drained. Where as Instagram is my bad egg, I need vacations away from that bad boy regularly and I am okay with that.

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3 Things You Should Know If You Love Someone Suffering From An Eating Disorder!

So when you think ‘Why won’t they just stop’, ‘Why won’t they try’, ‘What am I not doing right?’ Remember your dealing with a bastard that for the sufferer can seem like it is giving them life but in reality causes death. The biggest way to help someone to recover is be there for them, because ultimately it is their battle, their will and their fight. You can be there to wipe away their tears, help to understand, suggest therapy, hold their hands through it all. Yet their choice and THEIR CHOICE ONLY will determine when and if they want to try to recover.

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