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21 Day Self Love Bootcamp

Some of you may or may not know but I have a YouTube called you guessed it Chooselifewarrior, earlier this year in June 2016 I uploaded 21 videos for the first 21 days of June which was a Self Love Bootcamp!

I created the self love bootcamp as a response to the overwhelming questions I get on the regular like ‘How do I love myself?’, ‘How are you so confident?’, ‘How do I love my body as much as you do?’. This 21 day bootcamp of various videos are all intertwined within the realm of self care, self love and body positivity. It was made to watch at any pace, binge watch them all, commit yourself to one video a day for 21 days or spread them out over the year.

I thought I would give a quick run down of each video, so you can see what it is all about. Finding yourself connecting with some videos more than others, that is totally normal – we all have our own struggles and experiences. Those will shape what interests you or what you think you might want to explore more. If you want to watch one video in particular skip ahead, it is no problem.

I created a hashtag to go with this challenge so if you do complete any or all of the videos or the challenges within some of them let me know! #CLWSelfLoveBootcamp

Introduction Video:
A low down of where my inspiration came from for this bootcamp, some history about me and of course the things you’ll need for this bootcamp. A pen and paper that is all – there is a affirmation mentioned in every video also written in the description.

Day 1 ‘Reprogramming Our Thoughts’
All about reprogramming the negative things we think and say about ourselves, a great challenge at the end of this video that can help you work on positive compliments about yourself. *A Must For Those Of You Stuck In A ‘I HATE MYSELF’ Mindset*

Day 2 ‘Battling The Mirror’
This is a fun DIY challenge to improve your relationship with mirrors. Features confronting your fears head on but making it pretty and fun! *A Must For Those Of You Who Can’t Stand Your Reflection*

Day 3 ‘Boycott Diet Culture’
In-depth chat about why Diet Culture is not helping ANY of us and how you can live a happier life removing Diets from yours. *A Must For Anyone Who Has Guilt Feelings Towards Food or Always Seems To Be Dieting*

Day 4’Smash The Scale’
I legit smash a scale, do I need to say more? *For Anyone Who Ties Their Worth To Their Weight*

Day 5 ‘Mindful Movement’
All about redefining exercise, movement, enjoyment and loving our bodies. *A Must For Anyone Who Hates or Loves Exercise, So Yep Everyone!*

Day 6 ‘Out Of Your Comfort Zone’
I chopped so much of my hair off and let me tell you why sometimes the things that scare us the most are the most freeing. *For Anyone Who Feels Stuck In A Rut or Can’t Make The Leap To Do Something They Fear*

Day 7 ‘Self Care’
My night time routine, why relaxation and routines help me. *A Must For Anyone Who Never Takes Any Me Time’

Day 8 ‘My Ex-Best Friend Story’
Story Time… one in which I let you know why it is okay to let go of toxic people. *A Must For Anyone Who Has or Have Had People In Their Lives Who Hurt Them*

Day 9 ‘Food Is Not The Enemy’
Why food should never be our enemies, plus meet my adorable boyfriend and watch us make smoothies. *A Must For Anyone Who Likes Food, Smoothies and Recipes*

Day 10 ‘Summer Look Book’
A how to be comfortable in your own skin especially when it comes to summer outfits, including bathing suits. *A Must For Anyone Who Fears Showing Skin or How They Look*

Day 11 ‘Asking For Help’
SUCH an important video about relying on others when you are not okay! Feats. My best friend. *A Must For Anyone Who Struggles To Tell Anyone How They Really Are*

Day 12 ‘Dear Past Me, Love Future Me’
An exercise which changed my life. *A Must For Anyone Who Sees No Hope Or Point To The Future’

Day 13 ‘What Is Your Worth’
Learning what your worth is, is incredibly important to loving yourself. *A Must For Anyone Who Thinks They Are Not Good Enough*

Day 14 ‘Believe In Yourself’
I hope this inspires you to believe in yourself and your goals. *A Must For Anyone Who Thinks They are Worthless and Their Goals Are Silly!*

Day 15 ‘Loving Yourself Means Loving Others’
Kindness, Compassion, What Love Is. *A Must For Anyone Who Puts Everyone Else Before Themselves*

Day 16 ‘How To Cope When The People You Love Shame You’
Does a parent of yours point out your weight? Does your boyfriend make you feel as if you are worthless? My dear this is a video for you. *A Must For Anyone Who Is Put Down By The People Who Should Lift You Up*

Day 17 ‘I Was A HighSchool Bully’
What I learnt from that shameful experience and how it shaped my life. *A Must For Anyone Who Has Ever Made a Mistake*

Day 18 ‘Self Love Emergency Fixes’
At a complete loss of what to do? This video my friend is for you! *A Must For Those Days You Can’t Go On*

Day 19 ‘Comparing Yourself’
How not to compare and why comparison will NEVER make you happy! *A Must For Anyone Who is Comparing Themselves So Much To Others That It Is Ruining Their Self Esteem*

Day 20 ‘Inspiration’
Things within the body positive realm that have inspired me. *A Must For Someone Looking For a Spark Of Inspiration*

Day 21 ‘Forgiveness’
A huge step to self love. *For Those Of Us Who Can’t Seem to Forgive Ourselves For Not Being Perfect*

I really truly hope that the CLW Self Love Bootcamp helps give you a spark of inspiration or hope that anyone can achieve self love and create a harmonious spiritual, physical and mental existence.

If you love the videos don’t forget to like and subscribe. Let me know if you have already watched or participated and don’t forget the hashtag, #CLWSelfLoveBootcamp!


xox Danielle


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