Choose Soy Candles (Featuring Bluebird Candles)

Today I went to a local Cairns market, I always love to go out and see what homemade Cairns businesses have to offer – often we forget to support our local talent in favour of large corporation brands and while there is nothing wrong with that it is always great to connect and support local hand made businesses. You never know you might also make some great connections and friends.

Today I met Bec the owner and creator of Bluebird Candles she mentioned straight away when she saw me that she follows me on Instagram we got to chatting and she asked me to take home some samples and see how I like them (So don’t worry I’m not breaking my November Shop What you Got Challenge). A lot more information and the list of smells Bluebird Candles Stock please just click on any mention of “Bluebird Candles” and Bec’s website is linked. The candles start from just $7.00 a perfect stocking filler for Christmas, she also attends many Cairns area markets. Check out her Facebook HERE or her Instagram @bluebirdcandles for more info.


I am a candle obsessed woman, they are everywhere in my kitchen, bedroom, bathroom even outside. Yet one thing that I always makes sure is that my candles do not contain Paraffin. Unfortunately a lot of commercial candles carry this toxin. Paraffin comes from the sludge waste products from the petroleum industry. It releases carcinogenic chemicals when burned. Yuck, am I right? So to keep your home smelling lovely and yet safe turn to soy candles as your alternative.

That brings me to my experience with the products from Bluebird Candles which of course specialise in Soy Candles. It was so difficult to pick my favourite scent but here are some below, I also picked up a body scrub in Espresso the reviews and gorgeous photos are below.


From first sniff these candles are scented even without having to light them, they would leave your home smelling lovely even just open and displayed.


Lemongrass in Large Luxe Jar
This smell is luxe, dreamy and super fresh. It smells like fresh lemons and cut grass – HEAVEN! It is fragrant even in the pot and I actually have it burning as I type this … super lovely if you are into fresh light smells that aren’t overly candy sweet.


Ginger Green Tea & Gingerbread in Mini Spa Jars
The Ginger Green Tea is a very light, summer feeling smell, it would be perfect during during a morning yoga session. Clean and fresh it is invigorating.
The Gingerbread is CHRISTMAS IN A JAR, honestly I don’t know if I should deck the halls, chuck on my Christmas Sweater or pretend I am in a cold place (With the aircon blasting) and bake cookies. It is probably my favourite coming into the holiday season, making the most perfect Christmas gift.

IMG_0929This brings me to the Espresso Body Scrub
I have awesome girl time of the month today and I tell you jumping in a cold shower and having a scrub a dub dub with this body scrub was lovely and refreshing. It is espresso so smells strongly of coffee beans I imagine this will be a great morning ritual for the days I can’t seem to open my eyes. I 100% recommend this as a scrub even for sensitive skin, I have extremely sensitive skin, I suffer with psoriasis and eczema so a lot of products even natural and organic ones hurt my poor skin. This Espresso Scrub didn’t irritate my skin or leave me feeling itchy. It simply made my skin feel buttery and smooth. The scrub is infused with organic coconut oil, so your body is left feeling also supple.

A huge thank you to Bec for letting me trail some stuff and share it with you all,
Definitely a newly hooked customer and Christmas gifts will be coming my friends way from this amazing brand.

Danielle xox

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