Rainforest Retreat (Curvy Swimwear)


Today we went to the beautiful Crystal Cascades because I just had to shoot this suit. This suit is from the Australian Brand Curvy Swimwear. This is the Metallic Black Retro Skirted One Piece Swimsuit and when I saw it I just had to have it,


It is the most comfortable thing I think I’ve ever owned! It has a shelf bra insert as well as moulded cups. Honestly I just had to pair it with a red lip, it felt so Retro Glam. I know you can’t see in the pictures but where they were taken we were at a very popular rainforest swimming hole and there was upwards of 40+ people. It is the first time I just kept shooting and did not care. It was a liberating experience, especially because people kept to themselves when I surely thought I would get some weird attention. It was so empowering to just take photos and feel beautiful even in front of others.


I did my hair for this shoot but with the heat it didn’t turn out the way I really wanted, in the end I just wet my locks and turns out the photos with wet hair are my favourite – go figure. The water was so perfect and we had a beautiful picnic at this spot too. I haven’t owned a full piece swimsuit in forever but this one I think is super flattering and classic.

IMG_0830 IMG_0821

Ending with my two favourite, favourite shots from the day. After this we went swimming, had a picnic like I mentioned and then headed to the beach for another swim. Perfect day feeling sun baked, happy & free!


Danielle xxo

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