Paper Dolls Floral Wrap Dress $28 Outfit!

IMG_1879IMG_1878This dress and shoes cost $28.00 – The Whole Outfit under $30.00!

As someone who does not shy away from sales, brands that are “unpopular” or “cheap” I am proud to say this outfits total cost was $28.00. The dress is Paper Dolls Plus Floral Wrap Top Pencil Dress With Side Split (Size 24) From the Curve section, I sized up about 2 sizes because I was worried it would be too tight. Last month I paid $11.00 for it. BARGAIN!

IMG_1891 IMG_1888

The shoes, I picked up at kmart, they are a white wedge with ankle strap. They also come in Black. They retail at $20.00 but I got them for $17.00 as mine had aIMG_2893 small mark at the back. They aren’t overly comfortable for a a girl who usually wear flats but for $17.00 they are worth it. Great style like I have mentioned doesn’t have to have a designer price tag. I have many things in my wardrobe I have brought on sale or even from op-shops such as Vinnies & The Salvation Army. This outfit though under $20.00 has clean lines, nice print and looks much more expensive than whart I paid for it. Remember don’t settle for an item that is more expensive just for because the brand is more popular. I have seen shoes like the ones I am wearing for $60.00+ in other stores, yet I I found these Kmart ones for under $20.00. If you have style and are willingly to buy from stores that perhaps other people may snob at you can save money and still look AMAZING!

IMG_1909 IMG_1938

What I love about this outfit despite the price is that it is the perfect mix of sexy just sophisticated, I love a spilt in a skirt, I love the floral detail, I love the clean classic lines and the way it hugs my curves. I also love these gardens where I took these photos, they are right by the Botanical Gardens In Cairns and the most beautiful place. Despite the rain today and the fact that random people were walking past making me a little embarassed my awesome boyfriend kept encouraging me!




What do you think of this look?

Danielle xxo

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