Style Clash, What A Novel Idea


Today I paired a City Chic Floral Skirt with a Cotton On Vampire Crop Top. In most people’s worlds these two styles wouldn’t mesh, yet I like that. My Style posts won’t be about who wore what better or “dressing for your shape” (Here is a tip, you are human so dress for that). My Style posts may not stick to the “Do or Do Not” Lists, the “Flattering or Not Flattering” Lists. It is just my style, hopefully finding inspiring others to find their style.

My Style posts won’t be photo shopped, won’t be perfect and might not adhere to what Plus Size Women “Should” wear. My Style is also every changing, ever-growing and I don’t necessarily own one thing that looks the same in my closet. So that being said today is a Saturday which meant a breakfast out at a beautiful cafe in Palm Cove and then taking some of my favourite books to the park behind my house and have a read. I love reading so much, my dream is to have a library like Belle from Beauty in the Beast. For a long time when I first moved to Cairns, my only friends were those found in books.

IMG_1717 IMG_1714

When pairing two different styles or clashing pieces the only “rule” I tend to stick to is to have one piece a little more basic, for example here my crop top is a lot less loud in colour but still a bold statement. Yet if you want to wear loud & loud do it!


Great style is honestly to me about the way you carry it off, if you are confident that is stylish. It isn’t a certain brand or style or colour. It just is you. So my greatest Style Point, Where what makes you feel good. Your style will show through. In regards to the brands I am wearing, The Geo Print Floral Skirt is still for sale at City Chic or online (Click here), it is $89.95 which is usually a lot more than I pay for one piece of clothing but it was something I tried on and absolutely fell in love with. This year I have had to be very tight with my money so I always try to implement a price per wear strategy. For example this dress I have worn already over 20 times in 2 months so, $89.95 divided by 20 = $4.50 per wear so far! Where as if I brought something I didn’t love as much at the same price but only wore it once, it would be a much more expensive investment. It is very comfortable, beautiful material and has an extra lining in it. Gorgeous!

My top is orginally from Cotton On, and is now no longer avaliable sadly. When I saw it the fist few times I dismissed it as Cotton On can run sizing very small, it was a crop top and now way did I think it would fit my boobs. Just goes to show how wrong I was. Don’t discredit some stores from having your size, until you try things on you never know. I am so glad I did because this top is so cute and an awesome investment for October as Halloween is coming (yay!). I know sometimes it can be dishearting when you try a billion things on in a store and NOTHING FITS but I try to rememeber this quote from Legally Blonde 2, “If the fabric doesn’t work with you, don’t work with it”. If you have a fun attitude and no harm no foul approach to shopping then every now and again perhaps try a store you don’t think will have your size, you might just surprise yourself. If the item doesn’t fit it just means you’re saving money which is awesome!


My shoes are just a simple tan sandal from Famous Footwear. They retailed at $29.95 and they are super comfy and easy to style. I am not a huge fan of heels or wedges mainly for the comfort issue, so simple sandals are my go to footwear.

So get out there and find your style, let me know what you think of this style clash look below in the comments.

Danielle xxo

(*Books Featured are Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling – Forgive Me Lenoard Peacock by Matthew Quick & Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.)


A huge thankyou to my beautiful boyfriend Cameron for helping me with photos for this post. I love you baby!

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