A Fat Eating Disorder Girls Response to Iskra Lawrence’s Meal Plan

...Time and time again I see people claiming body positivity only to the next week promote a skinny tea or brag about the pounds they lost and now a kick start January fitness plan by you. While these things may seem small personal choices in which people can choose to engage with or not it speaks to a bigger issue. These seemingly ‘healthy’ diet culture promotions are contributing to the very system were trying to dismantle in body positivity.

The Problem with Fat Monica

Where my concerns arise around making fat the butt of every joke, is when hurting and humiliating comments are disguised as jokes. This may lead to an unequal distribution of power, especially when things should be equal especially with peers, for example. When subtle forms of domination and hierarchies arise, we need to assess whether these groups can still be seen as support networks. This is my story.

The Body Positive Community Need To Better Support Fat Eating Disorders and Challenge Weight Loss Narratives

... I’m not asking for weight loss to be outlawed or to be called a bad thing but we should be working on shifting its importance and examining its surrounding cloud of positivity more closely. Could weight loss simply be neutral? Could the vocabulary we use when speaking about weight loss change? Could body shaming decrease as a result? Could you reading this be a more inclusive recovery advocate and could maybe, just maybe, body positivity be reclaimed in the original underground punk movement that shifts our obsession with bodies. Allowing us to truly focus on what body positivity is.

We need to stop idolising Perfectionism

Have you ever been told that in a job interview when asked the cringe worthy question "What is your greatest flaw?" ,that you should respond with,  "Sometimes I can be too much of a perfectionist?". As if that trait will show your interviewer just how great you truly are? Well I'm here to tell you … Continue reading We need to stop idolising Perfectionism

Plus Size Bras are an absolute joke!

Ahhh Bra shopping most womens actual personal hell. For this blog post I'll be solely focusing on the experience I have had with plus size bras, while I know a lot of women struggle with bra shopping - for me today plus size bras have become an absolute joke. It was 2:15pm on a beautiful … Continue reading Plus Size Bras are an absolute joke!

To The Person Fatter Than I am

When I finally accepted that I am a Fat person, a shift changed within me. As I began to identify as a fat person and living a fat existence, I spent a lot of time focused on my experiences. This week though I've been thinking a lot about those people who are Fatter than I. Am I serving them? Am I being an ally or am I simply living in a world where I think the word fat stops with me. How can I give those who are bigger than I more exposure. See even within the scale of fat people there are levels of privilege within and a hierarchy that isn't serving any of us.